The Kayak Storage System on the Augusta waterfront has made a dramatic difference in my life. It has enabled me to kayak most days, just go down to the river and put the kayak in the water, as if I had a house right on the water. It has helped me stay active, get exercise and get to know the river and feel its patterns. I see sturgeon jumping, as well as eagles, osprey, fish, birds, people, and beautiful weather patterns. Augusta is a river city.

When I sold my house in Farmingdale, one of the reasons I chose to move to Augusta into an apartment was because I knew I could keep and use my kayak regularly, as most apartments do not have space for kayak storage. If it were not for the kayak storage unit, I would not own a kayak.

On a side note, I was talking to someone yesterday at the park, and she I think would love to own a kayak, but being a single mother, she cannot afford one. I wonder is it would be possible for the city to buy a couple and either rent them out by the day through the rec department (maybe 5 dollars a day or something reasonable), or perhaps the library could have it so a member could sign out the kayak.

Anyways, thanks for all your efforts to make this a reality!

Dan Stewart
MaineDOT Region 1 Planner
Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Small Harbor Improvement Programs Manager
Bureau of Planning
Outreach Division
Maine Department of Transportation

Two years ago, I was at the Augusta Eastside Park/boat launch and I noticed some boat storage containers. All I could think of was, “What a great idea!”. I signed up  to use it from May – September at the Buker Rec Dept. and brought over my kayak to the designated storage unit. I don’t have a car rack to take my kayak to other locations and I find it difficult to lift my kayak on top of my car anyway so this was a perfect solution.

The Kennebec is a wonderful, changeable river to paddle on.  It is such a joy to drive to the boat launch, pull out my kayak and drag the short distance to the river.  I come over 2-3 times a week and honestly, I would never use my kayak without this solution.  These Kayak Condos® should be on every body of water in Maine!

I appreciate the boat storage idea and hope this idea can catch on.

Good Luck
Helen Forbes