Target Markets

Although we see tremendous potential for individuals to purchase Kayak Condos® through a carefully chosen dealer network,  our product is primarily aimed at waterfront owners and managers who will lease or rent Kayak Condos® at a fair “market rate” – and thus, profit from them as well as the ancillary business derived from their use. This certainly refers to thousands of new kayak and peripheral sales as our product takes root.

Towards that eventuality, we are targeting:

Municipalities – either directly on or in close proximity to waterfronts.  Many municipalities across the country are realizing the value of waterfront locations.  Our product goes to stimulating and inviting more frequent usage and patronizing of the public property.  Developers – take note!

Public and Private Marinas – already renting space to power and/or sailboat owners. Kayak Condos® are merely and extension of a boat slip – for paddlers to more easily access their boat for more frequent local use – but certainly not to limit the access to and transport kayaks here there and everywhere. It is not a stretch of imagination to envision Kayak Condos® as (simply) additional (secure) storage space for sail bags and other “stuff” boaters, by nature, accumulate after dock-mounted “locker boxes” are filled.

Man kayaking with kayak group.Resorts – who wish to safely and securely inventory a small fleet of kayaks as an added-value for guests. Kayaks stored on wooden racks are subject to UV-light bleaching and weather effects (especially in winter months). Kayak Condos® enable a resort perhaps not quite on the water to keep a fleet under lock and key.

Leisure Communities – More often, and for very good reason, are focusing on recreational amenities far beyond golf and bridge. Kayaking is an activity greatly enjoyed by seniors. By eliminating all the lugging and toting of gear and kayaks to a put-in location, one need not be a senior citizen to be tuckered out before you get into the boat. Moreover, if a senior community were to be able to offer kayaking as a added-value amenity, the frequency-of-visitation could be enhanced greatly if visitors were able to partake of kayaking when visiting their parents and grandparents.

Waterfront Condominium – owners of condos on water do not always have a great deal of storage space to keep a kayak. And if they do have access to a wooden rack, you have the problem of theft or vandalism that we’ve highlighted throughout this website.

Boat Rental Facilities – We are currently working now with a property manager in the Washington, DC area who has 100 kayak owners paying for all-season storage on wooden racks where “storage is a premium”. He also has a writing list. In the spring of 2016, we are eagerly looking forward to installing 100 or more Kayak Condos® to accommodate this demographic – and the demand for safe and secure storage.

Father and daughter kayaking.Youth camps – Private, YMCA or Scouts – Maine is known throughout the country for it’s array of youth camps for youngsters. Kayak Condos® offer safety and security in these facilities as well. Storing and properly putting gear and paddles away “where they belong” fosters care and respect for equipment.

Military Bases – In recent years, much deserved and rightful attention has been given to rehabilitating our wounded war veterans to include those suffering psychological effects of combat. As very well we should. There are few experiences on water that are more peaceful and soothing that gliding along in a kayak surrounded by nature and the outdoors. In our quest to put more people into more kayaks on more water – everywhere – we take great pleasure and pride in imaging that opportunity being extended to our veterans.