From the very beginning, I imagined Kayak Condos® as being of “sectional” or “modular” devise – connecting 2 or more modules so as to be able to accommodate kayaks of any length. After several prototypes, a singular 6.5-ft. module was decided upon so as to inventory only two parts – a green “bottom” and a tan “top”.   Each part is manufactured from the same mold – i.e., the parts are the same – differentiated only by their color.   The ribbed design adds substantial support/strength, and also enables the top and bottom to “stack” securely and allow the bottom module to “seat” in a 4 X 4 timber frame as per the illustration on the left.

The parts are formed using a .225 high-density polyethylene sheet.  This was determined after many tests for durability and strength.  Polyethylene also will not fade in bright UV sunlight as will kayaks. Your Kayak Condo green and tan will be green and tan – forever. One of the benefits of our product is to keep you kayak from fading.

Once assembled using durable “Christmas tree” rivets to join the top and bottom parts as well as the modules themselves. a “basic” 2-module Kayak Condo, 13-ft in length, will accommodate 90% of the recreational market we seek to serve.   Longer kayaks require only the addition of an additional module (an “extension module”) resulting in an 18-ft. Kayak Condo capable of accommodating kayaks up to 18 feet.  Longer kayaks after that?  – just add a fourth extension module.  You still only need 2 doors – front and back.

The roto-molded door features louvered vents, a depressed grip to pull the door free, and a hook/locking device that inserts to the bottom of the condo and a slot for the protruding lock bar to affix a (customer-supplied) lock.   There are no hinges or parts to break.

And there is one more thing – one more promise – one more unwavering commitment:  Kayak Condos® are, and will always be, “Made in America”.