Installing Kayak Condos®

Installing Kayak Condos® requires a bit of forethought and effort to create a proper foundation.  The pictures on this page show the installation process for the first units installed here in Maine by the City of Augusta maintenance crew.  These units have been on the ground now for 3 years to include a few “wicked” Maine winters without any problems whatsoever.

stacked-diagram-kayak-condos-mdWe are going to insist that anyone wishing to become a Kayak Condos® dealer (selling KC’s to the general public) will also be required to offer installation services. This is why we feel building supply/lumber yards are ideally suited to sell our product (like pre-fab backyard sheds) in concert with local kayak dealers who stand to sell lots more kayaks and peripherals by virtue of Kayak Condos®.  Crews knowing how to install Kayak Condos properly create more jobs!

But for the most part, our initial customer will be – as this site makes very clear – municipalities, marinas, resorts, waterfront communities and condominiums – all of whom most likely have maintenance crews to install the proper ground foundation for Kayak Condos®.  Once installed, the income derived from their rental or lease, will well compensates for the effort necessary to properly install them.

The design of the modules features “ribbing” that gives the structure its strength.  But they also allow the module to seat on 4X4 timbers so that they are elevated up off the ground so as to be able to ventilate and drain excess moisture.  This is essential to the performance of Kayak Condos®.  Just as a backyard shed would require leveling and space underneath to stay dry and prevent rotting – we want Kayak Condos® up and away from weeds and crawling critters moving into your kayak’s private premises.   The pictures here show how the ground prep was conducted by the municipal services here in Augusta Maine. Note the lay down of a weed cloth (double thick).  Note also the outlying 6 X 6 timber frame – that lifted the installation unit up even more.  Crushed stone gave it a nice look.  In our case, we lashed the units down with cables for added security.  You may elect, at your discretion to bolt the top nad bottoms units of each Kayak Condo module together for added security.  However, once these units were properly seated on the timbers, and secured with the cable, it’s highly unlikely anyone will attempt to dismantle the installation.

Properly installed as outlined here, will can guarantee many, many years of safe and secure storage.  Moreover, unlike the material used to roto-mold kayaks, the high-density polyethylene material we use to thermo-form Kayak Condos® will not fade in UV light.