How to Buy ‘Em

Purchasing Kayak Condos

At present, Kayak Condos® are available at our wholesale price, only – and in increments of 6 per pallet.   Until we locate and acquire distributors, we are unable to sell one or two Kayak Condos® to individuals.  Anyone, on the other hand, may purchase Kayak Condos® at our minimum order prices in increments of 6 Kayak Condos® per pallet, as stated.

To fully understand how Kayak Condos® are designed and intended to assemble and function, the illustration of Legos, below, shows top and bottom parts. a single module,  a “basic” 2-module Kayak Condos® and a 3-module construction for kayaks longer than 12 -1/2  ft.

Photo of Legos demonstrating the modular Kayak Condo storage concept.

The most cost-effective shipping configuration is on a 6-unit pallet.

Base Pricing

6 KC’s (12 modules) $4,170    $695  for each 2-section(module) Kayak Condo®
24+ KC’s (48 modules) $16,200  $675 each KC
48+ KC’s (60+ modules) $39,000   $650 each KC

Extension “kits”   (extension kits create 3-module Kayak Condos® for kayaks over 12-ft. in length)

6 “kits” (6 modules +12 parts)    minimum order:    $1,800
NOTE!  No additional doors required.  You are simply “inserting” another module

Prices include all assembly hardware:  lock bars and bolts, “Christmas tree” rivets,  plus assembly instruction manual

Pricing DOES NOT include site ground prep or timber framing absolutely necessary under a Kayak Condos® installation.   See installations link for materials required to mount Kayak Condos® (also included in instruction manual)

Pricing also DOES NOT include any additional fastening hardware to timber frame – lag bolts or cable “tie downs”.  Suggested modifications found in instruction manual.


Kayak Condos® are shipped F.O.B. High Point, North Carolina.   Freight charges are calculated prior to order depending on destination and foreign export tariff charges .