Features & Benefits

Image shows various features of Kayak Condos®.Kayak Condos® are designed modularly so as to be able to fit any length kayak. It was decided early on that a standard 2-section kayak unit would be comprised of two 6 1/2-ft. sections. This to accommodate about 90% of the recreational market which is 12-ft. and under. The unit actually measures 13 ft. “stem to stern” as many advertised “12 foot” kayaks are 12 ft. plus a few inches. By simply adding a third – or fourth section – any kayak up to any length can be accommodated.

The green (bottoms) and tan (tops) are thermoformed from high density polyethylene – as is the door which is rotationally molded. Unlike the material from which a kayak is molded, polyethylene will not fade in ultra-violet (UV) sunlight.

The width is 23”. The overall height is 32”. Any brand of a 12-ft. kayak is guaranteed to fit. Depending on the brand, it may be possible to fit two 10-ft. kayaks, side-by side with one slightly forward, into one 13-ft. Kayak Condo. But that is not guaranteed!

The top and bottom of the sections are fastened with vinyl “Christmas Tree” rivets that are virtually unremovable without drilling through the rivet. They also attach, section to section with the same rivets.

Fully assembled and containing boats and gear, the “SixPak” is fairly heavy – but you may elect to bolt the top and bottom condos – and the bottom condo to the 4 X 4 base timbers. We also offer cable tie-downs as an accessory (see price list)

Kayak Condos® are accessible from both ends, and are securely locked with a user-supplied padlock through an interior-mounted lock bar that protrudes through the door. It’s got everything but seat belts.


As is much discussed, the benefits to the Kayak Condo user may be different from the Kayak Condos® owner. Kayakers benefit from greater security, protection from UV light, convenience and easy access. No more lugging and toting! When you wish to take your kayak elsewhere, simply remove kayak (a condo is accessible from either end) and put it back in its place upon your return – not on your garage floor or in your backyard. Is that any way to treat a kayak that just wants to be your friend?

Property managers benefit from an increased (or new) revenue stream by capitalizing on the influx and growing popularity of paddling. Existing marinas (already renting or leasing space to power or sail boats) can grow their business to include kayakers – many of whom are boaters already. It’s common knowledge that boaters, by definition, collect gear – so a kayak Condo might be just another storage locker for fishing poles, sail bags or what have you to stow. Marinas adjacent to ancillary retail business (restaurants and bars) stand to increase foot traffic and boost sales. Who’s going to have a problem with that?