Welcome to the Future of Kayak Storage!

Quite simply, we’re offering a modular storage system for kayaks. We believe this to be
the ultimate in kayak and gear security, protection and convenience for today’s kayakers.  And tomorrow’s newfound kayakers – eliminating the pre-paddle hassle of simply getting into the water. Spending more time paddling and enjoying the outdoors. Isn’t that why you bought a kayak in the first place?

For public or private marinas, resorts, state parks and municipal waterfronts, this is a way to stimulate increased access to waterfronts everywhere – while creating an enhanced source of newfound revenue. Along that line, we Kayak Condos, modular kayak storage system.are introducing the concept of “PaddleParks” which, like skateboard parks and dog parks, are envisioned as dedicated public spaces on local waterfronts – catering specifically to the continuous upswing of paddling – and what we hope to be a substantial influx of new paddle practitioners.  Most notable, we believe, might be [us] “baby boomers” who’s kayaks [like mine] seem to get heavier and heavier each spring.  So if we didn’t mention greater convenience and more frequent access that would follow – let me say it again.  And again – throughout this website.
We believe our product, and our premise, is the future of paddling.  Pour another cup of coffee – and see if you don’t agree.